Economics A Level

Subject Leader:
Mr D McGinty

Subject Leader:
Mr A Abubakari
KS5 Subject Teachers:
Mr A Abubakari, Mr H Grewal,
Mr G Stephens, Ms L Popat

This course explores economic theory both at the level of individuals and the behaviour of firms, in addition to the role of government and the impact of international trade and development. Students will develop not only a wide range of economic knowledge, but also the ability to analyse and evaluate economic decisions and the impact of policy-makers by applying economic models and empirical thinking. The particular circumstances of the British economy as well as its role in world markets is studied in depth.


In Year 12, students explore both microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts in order to establish a basis of economic understanding, and analyse the British economy’s role in world affairs.

  • In Theme 1, students discover the purpose of and methods behind economics, begin to understand fundamental microeconomic concepts such as supply and demand in addition to their consequences on economic models and the behaviour of firms and governments.
  • In Theme 2, students explore macroeconomic thinking by considering a wide range of economic concerns from a governmental perspective, finalising in analysis of key economic policy debates with an eye to the British economy specifically.

 In Year 13, students build on their understanding from Year 12 to develop analyses and evaluations of the behaviour of firms and labour, in addition to the specific role of the British economy in world markets as well as the functioning of global markets and institutions.

  • In Theme 3, students combine understandings of revenue, production, cost and profit models in order to evaluate the motives and impact of firm and government behaviour.
  • In Theme 4, students discover how to evaluate the impact and decision-making processes of government policy and the behaviour of global markets and institutions, including externalities such as inequality, environmental impact and development.

Careers: The skills and content knowledge contained in this course will prepare students to explore careers in a wide variety of fields, including those of politics, economics or finance, accounting and business; in addition, all students – regardless of what life-path they pursue – will benefit from the wide-ranging analytical and literacy demands of the course, including those of news literacy and argumentative writing.