Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

EPQ Co-ordinator: Mrs. C. Ferros

EPQ Co-ordinator: Mrs. C. Ferros

Extended Project Qualification – EPQ (Edexcel)

If you like the idea of focusing on a project designed and managed by you, then this additional qualification could be for you.

Completing the EPQ alongside the Year 12 Curriculum gives students the opportunity to showcase their advanced skills such as critical analysis, independent research work, questioning the validity of sources and project management. It is also an additional qualification which is highly valued by universities.

Students should select a project topic which expands learning in their field of study, in a related area, or that is relevant to their own personal interests. It should not be an area or topic that they are already studying in any of their chosen subjects.

St. Anne’s is able to offer three options to choose from, which is an excellent opportunity to develop a range of skills such as acting or public speaking, creating an artefact or music performance, aside from the dissertation option, which can complement other purely academic A-level subjects:

  • Write a 5-6,000 word dissertation on any topic as long as you are not learning this topic in your A level/BTEC subjects
  • Create an artefact (= working prototype, model, design, artwork) with an accompanying short essay of 1,500-3,000 words
  • Put on a performance (= music, drama or dance) with an accompanying short essay of 1,500-3,000 words

Students completing the EPQ have a timetabled lesson each week where they are given support to develop the necessary elements and skills within the four assessment areas.

The process is as important as the final project and each year our students complete outstanding pieces of work, completing final projects to a high standard.