It is important that Students follow the guidelines set out by our own exams office and also make themselves aware of the information given them from the JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications).

Our Exams Office has produced a guidance booklet for students and parents and carers. For a copy please click here.

For the JCQ information please open the links below:

Summer 2024 Contingency Examination Days

GCSE, BTEC and A level exams will be held between 9 May and 25 June 2024. Exam board timetables for the 2024 summer exam series of GCSEs, AS and A levels are available on the Joint Council for Qualifications website.

The Summer 2024 exam timetable contains 3 contingency sessions on the afternoon of 6 June and afternoon of 13 June, and all day on 26 June. These sessions would be used in the unlikely event that an exam had to be moved nationally because it could not take place when planned.

Students must be available for all 3 contingency sessions, even if they do not have exams scheduled on that day. These sessions cannot be used to reschedule an exam that students have missed. If an exam has to be moved to one of these sessions, the school will inform them.

The School has been asked to ensure candidates and parents are aware of the contingency arrangements on these three days. You should consider the contingency day of 26 June 2024 as the final exam day when making plans for the summer.

Candidates must be available until 26 June 2024 should examinations need to be rescheduled. Please do not make plans to go on holiday before 27 June 2024.