History A Level

Subject Leader: Mrs. B. Payne
KS5 Subject Teachers: Ms. K. Vevers, Ms E. Bisnath, Mr. D. MrGinty

History is the stories we tell ourselves about the past. At St Anne’s, we look at some of our most important stories – the birth of modern England through the Tudor Dynasty, and the failure of modernity with the rise of the Nazis.
More than just telling these stories, at A-Level we can challenge them and understand how these stories change depending on when they are told and who is doing the telling. On a solid foundation of knowledge, we analyse and evaluate both primary sources and the interpretations of later historians.

Students also get the chance to tell their own story, and are given complete freedom to choose a topic for their coursework.

Board: AQA

Structure: 2 exams and NEA (coursework)

Exam 1 – Tudors
2 hours 30 minutes (1 historians interpretations question, 2 essays)

Exam 2 – Nazis
2 hours 30 minutes (1 primary source question, 2 essays)

NEA (Coursework) – Free choice on a topic of your choice. Must cover 100 period.

Possible Careers: Well respected across professions: Law, English, Journalism, Politics. A very flexible subject that is valued across the humanities and even more science-focused career pathways.

Further Reading:
Richard Evans – ‘The Coming of the Third Reich’
Leanda de Lisle – ‘Tudor: The Family Story’

Trips & Extra Curricular Club/Activities: Trip to the British Museum and Tate Modern

A Level History